Announcing Availability of MSP Backup & Recovery Version 17.4

We are pleased to announce the general availability of version 17.4 of SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery for Standalone and N-central user.  This release is now available for download directly from within the Management Console and N-central consoles.

The Version 17.4 update and includes the following updates:

Bare Metal Recovery – Our Bare Metal Recovery tool has been enhanced so that the backup register is now written directly to the disk being recovered instead of the USB boot media or a temporary network share when using the .ISO image.  This will improve performance during restores and use less resources.

VMware 6.5 Support – Host-level backup and recovery, Virtual Disaster Recovery and Continuous Restores from the Recovery Console now support VMware 6.5. Please ensure that you have updated all of your backup components to the latest version to ensure full compatibility.

Upgrading to version 17.4

Standalone users of IASO Online Backup, MAX Backup, standalone MSP Backup & Recovery as well and N-central integrated MSP Backup & Recovery may begin upgrading now to the latest version.

For the highest level of compatibility, it is recommended that partners upgrade all of their backup and recovery tools to the latest version at the same time to maintain full compatibility. This includes the Backup Manager, Recovery Console, Virtual Drive, Bare Metal Recovery, Servertool and StorageNode software.

Integrated users of Managed Online Backup (integrated w/ MSP RMM) should not attempt to upgrade to version 17.4 until they are notified to do so.  This platform will be made available and updated on a separate schedule.

Backup Manager

Users may download the latest Backup Manager from the download section of our website or download links within the N-central and standalone Management Console. The latest Backup Manager release will also be distributed via our auto update server shortly (1-2 weeks) following the initial release.

Virtual Drive

If installed, the Virtual Drive component will automatically update with the Backup Manager. When these binaries are updated, Virtual Drive will notify you that a reboot of the Backup Manager is needed to complete the update.

Management Console

Primary development efforts are focused on the online version of our Management Console and no updates are required on your part.

Storage Nodes – Mandatory updates for “Software Only” partners

It is mandatory that “Software Only” partners, those hosting their own private cloud storage, update all of their Storage Nodes to at least version 17.3 prior to upgrading or deploying version 17.x Backup Manager software at their client locations.  The latest Storage Node software installers can be found in the Advanced Download section of the Management Console or on the download section of our website.  Auto updates for storage nodes are available once you have moved to version 17.3 or later.

Prior Versions & Other Tools

You may also download the latest and prior versions of these and other tools from the download section of the online Management Console as not all tools are currently distributed via Auto Update.

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