MSP RMM Update on 10.5 RC agent: Choose your Take Control version!

We’re delighted to announce a change of approach to our Take Control feature, based on recent customer feedback:
We’re going to extend the Release Candidate (RC) period and now plan to keep the TeamViewer option for Take Control. This means that you’ll have the choice to use the new MSP Anywhere-based Take Control feature, or stick with the TeamViewer-based Take Control setup. You’ll be able to configure this within the settings menu.

We’d like to emphasize that this change is in direct response to the feedback we’ve received from customers. Many of you spoke out in favour of keeping the TeamViewer option, so we’ve been working hard to put your responses into action.

While we work on adding the option back in, we’ll still deliver a set of great feature updates for the MSP Anywhere Take Control version in the coming days. This includes extended support for Mac, so that you can use Take Control, for the first time, from a Mac. More on that release date to follow soon…

We’d like to remind you that you can also still integrate with the standalone TeamViewer version, and we’ll continue to support this option too.

We’re pleased we’re able to make this adjustment, thanks for all the constructive feedback you shared with us.

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