MSP Mail – Updates to Journaling Infrastructure

We are pleased to announce significant improvements to the journaling system used for our archive service.  In some cases, existing archive customers will be required to make minor configuration changes to their existing journaling configuration, so please read this notice carefully.

First, we have expanded our SMTP journaling infrastructure. This includes additional dedicated SMTP journaling servers within our North American infrastructure and other changes that will enhance the overall speed, reliability, and load balancing of our SMTP journaling.

  • To take advantage of this expanded infrastructure, any customers in North or South America or within the APAC region who are currently sending SMTP journaling traffic to a mailbox at the domain, should update their mail server’s journaling configuration to instead forward those messages to the corresponding mailbox  EMEA domains currently sending journaled messages to will not need to take any action.
  • For example, if you are a customer in the Americas or in APAC, and your current SMTP journaling address looks something like this:

    …you should update your mail server’s journaling configuration to instead route traffic to:

  • No other changes should be made to your journaling settings, either within your mail server, or in the Mail control panel.  If you are already sending to a address, no action is necessary.

Second, we will also be sunsetting our legacy IMAP journaling feature at the end of this year.  Why?

  • The IMAP protocol does not operate efficiently at the scale necessary for journaling of a full domain, particularly on a wide area network, whereas SMTP journaling leverages a proven protocol for high-volume, transactional traffic and is therefore a much more reliable architecture for ingesting messages into the archive.
  • SMTP journaling is also simpler to set up than IMAP journaling—customers simply configure their mail server to send a copy of messages (via the journaling feature) to an email address that is dedicated for the domain in question, as published in the control panel (and following the format noted above).
  • We have already disabled the IMAP journaling option for any customer domains that are newly establishing the archive service, but those existing domains already utilizing IMAP journaling should update their Archive configuration to instead use the simpler and more reliable SMTP journaling system as soon as possible.
  • For your reference, your journaling configuration and recommended SMTP journaling email address can be found within the Mail control panel under Management > Archive > Journaling.
  • Note that our IMAP journaling will cease operations after December 31, 2016, so if your domain is still configured to use IMAP journaling after that date, some or all of your emails may not be ingested into the archive.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about these changes, or if you need any assistance updating your journaling configuration.  You can reach our support team at:

Thanks for your attention.

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