MAX RM Release… Faster Server Overdue Alerts, Task for ‘Wake on LAN’

Further to our ‘Coming Soon‘ post the other day, we’re pleased to announce the release of several feature enhancements in MAX Remote Management. The update is currently rolling out across the territories and will be available to all customers by Tuesday, September 20th.

Here’s a quick overview of the latest improvements:

  • Faster server overdue alerts: Now you can know much more quickly if a critical server has a problem (requires RC agent).

  • An improved ‘Data Overdue Cross Check’: Continue to receive server overdue alerts in the event of a network issue, and see the status of the Data Overdue Cross Check in your email alerts.
  • A new ‘Wake on LAN’ Automated Task: Use the new task to turn on powered-down devices over a customer’s local area network that’s configured to support WOL.

For more details and screenshots of today’s update, click here.

We prioritised these enhancements in response to your comments and votes on the LOGICnow Ideas Site, thanks indeed for highlighting your favourite feature improvements. As ever, we’ll continue to review and prioritise future updates based on your requests, so please keep the feedback coming.


Here are the release notes for today’s update…

Summary for Service Release
– Faster server overdue alerts, Data Overdue Cross Check alert, Wake on LAN Task
– Dashboard v6.28.1
– New RC Agent v10.4.4, no change to the GA Agent

Dashboard v6.28.1
UPDATE: New faster server overdue alerts with the option to set new frequencies up to 1 minute (requires RC Agent 10.4.4 and above)
UPDATE: Option to continue to receive Server Overdue Alerts when the Data Overdue Cross Check fails
UPDATE: Option to show the Data Overdue Cross Check status in the Data Overdue Email Alerts
UPDATE: Improvement to the UI for Offline Mode and Overdue Alerts Settings on the Edit Server dialog
UPDATE: Improved descriptions and usage notes for several of the recently added Automated Tasks
UPDATE: New Automated Task: “Wake on LAN”
UPDATE: New Automated Task: “Set AD User Password”

Agent v10.4.4 RC
UPDATE: Add support for ‘CloudBerry Backup’ to Backup Check

Automation Manager v1.8.9
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with the Wake on LAN module
Download the new version from ‘Script Manager’ on the Settings menu

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