Coming Soon: MAX RM v6.12.6… Push install monitoring agents with Active Discovery

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re putting the finishing touches on a significant update to Active Discovery: Soon, you’ll be able to remotely install the MAX RM monitoring agent on unmonitored devices with just the click of a button, directly from Active Discovery in the Dashboard.

See which laptops, PCs and servers have the monitoring agent installed and which don’t, thanks to the Agent status column in Active Discovery. Then right-click and select the push agent option for any devices you wish to upgrade to be fully monitored devices.

The new agent install feature helps you pro-actively manage your clients’ networks and allows you to on-board new customers much more easily, all while saving considerable time and effort.

Here’s a more detailed run-through of the new feature…

Push Install Monitoring Agent from Active Discovery

  • This functionality allows a user to install the latest Monitoring Agent onto eligible devices that are displayed in the Connected Devices grid under Networks.

active discover push install 1

  • Push Installation can be initiated on single devices or in bulk.

active discover push install 2

  • This update also introduces the Activity tab which is used to notify users of Discovery Agent promotion and Push Installation progress.

active discover push install 3

System Requirements

  • Currently available with Windows devices on a managed network.
  • Target device must be part of a domain or admin shares must be remotely accessible (which is true by default if it is joined to a domain).
  • File and Printer sharing must be allowed through the target system’s local firewall.
  • Known issue: Devices with multiple NICs may not show their current agent status correctly in the Connected Devices grid view. In this case the push install may not work. This will be addressed in a future update.


New: Public Community SNMP String Credential Management

  • This functionality adds the ability to disable the Public Community SNMP string from being applied on network discovery allowing them to only use their custom credentials, reducing potential errors.
  • Public Community SNMP String is now displayed in the Credentials list and can be edited or removed like other credentials.

The staging release notes are below. Please note that staging release notes are subject to change. Final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Feature Release
– Feature release introducing Agent Push Install from Active Discovery
– Dashboard v6.12.6
– No agent change

Dashboard v6.12.6
FEATURE: Push install the Monitoring Agent from Active Discovery onto Windows devices
UPDATE: Manage Public Community SNMP String Credentials in Active Discovery
UPDATE:  The new Activities tab on Active Discovery now shows Agent Push Install progress and results
UPDATE: Install error codes shown in Summary tab for Managed Antivirus with a link to the help file (including uninstall steps)
UPDATE: Ability to multi-select threats in the Quarantine tab for Managed Antivirus
UPDATE: Ability to install Managed Antivirus with Pulse Secure VPN
UPDATE: New “Is Uninstallable” column on the Patch tab in the south pane (in preparation for uninstalling patches functionality)
BUGFIX: Ensure the default tab option in the north pane shows the correct south pane

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