MAX RM Service Release – Dashboard v6.12.5

The latest MAX RM Dashboard release is in the process of rolling out, so it will be available to all customers by Wednesday, February 3rd.

In today’s update, we’re pleased to announce that Take Control for OSX becomes Generally Available (GA). We’ve also added more details to the User Audit Report for Active Discovery, along with a workflow improvement to the new Dashboard reports, making it a little easier to export all the data to CSV.

The Release Candidate agent updates to Agent v9.13.7, which contains a Take Control branding update. 

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on customer service priorities and minor feature enhancements
– Dashboard v6.12.5
– Agent v9.13.7 RC, no change to the GA agent

Dashboard v6.12.5
UPDATE: Take Control for OSX becomes Generally Available (GA)
UPDATE: Show Active Discovery user actions in the User Audit Report including adding, editing and unmanaging networks
UPDATE: A new Dashboard Integration API option to perform a Managed Antivirus definitions update
UPDATE: Export report data to CSV more easily for the upgraded Dashboard reports
BUGFIX: Resolve performance issue with auto-mapping large device numbers under PSA Integration

Agent 9.13.7 RC
UPDATE: Update to the Take Control branding for the Take Control host

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