Coming Soon: MAX RM – MAV Bitdefender engine upgrade 5th November

We have a new Bitdefender engine that we wish to roll out to the Bitdefender-powered Managed Antivirus service.  This is in preparation for the Windows 10 update expected on November 10.  This update will download automatically on current installs of Bitdefender MAV. We’re planning to push this update around 16:00 GMT/11am EST on Thursday 5th November.  The update usually takes a few hours to propagate with Bitdefender and can take up to 24 hours before applied to the machine.

UPDATE: Bitdefender engine version provides updated certified Microsoft support for Windows 10 TH2.

BUGFIX:  Corrected an issue where some applications were not being excluded properly from behavioral scanning, such as Adobe, causing performance issues.

Machines will be updated from our current Bitdefender engine version of to  This update should not require a reboot.  If any issues are encountered during the upgrade that do request a reboot, the reboot status will be reported up to the RM dashboard.  If you have automatic reboots on, which you can set in the Bitdefender MAV policy, under Installation Settings, the reboot will happen within 5 minutes. If the option to automatically reboot a device is turned off in the MAV policy, the reboot requirement will be reported up to the MAX dashboard.

The Bitdefender engine version can be seen by clicking “More Information” on the Managed Antivirus Check on the Checks tab in the South Pane for a device.

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