Coming Soon: MAX RM 6.8 – Service Release

We’re now in the process of lining up our next release which is fully focused on customer service priorities, bug fixes and performance improvements. We also plan to introduce updated charts to the “More Information” of the performance monitoring checks. These updated charts will not be live at launch, but instead, will be switched on at a later date.

Details of the update are below:

Staging Release Notes
Please note that staging release notes are subject to change. Final release notes will go out with the release.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release focused on bug fixes and performance enhancements
– Dashboard v6.8
– Agent v9.13.1 RC, Agent v9.12.3 GA (no change to GA Agent)

Dashboard 6.8
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where branded images on monthly report could appear blurred
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where long check names could be truncated in monthly report
BUGFIX: Ensure applying monitoring templates does not result in duplicate checks being added
BUGFIX: Ensure applying monitoring templates does not result in duplicate automated tasks being added
BUGFIX: Ensure ISP down message is removed when ISP outage is recovered
BUGFIX: Ensure checks may be deleted using right-click context function
BUGFIX: Ensure checks may be deleted sequentially
BUGFIX: Ensure user scripts may be deleted from the Dashboard
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with check clearing refreshing the client tree
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with agent auto-update dialogue
BUGFIX Resolve issue with the detection of ESET AV
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Patch approval process
BUGFIX Resolve issue with Patch installation date

Agent v9.13.1RC
UPDATE: Add support for BackupAssist Version 8
BUGFIX: Ensure Windows Backup check works with Windows Server 2012

Example Updated Charts 

Performance Monitoring: CPU

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 16.08.02

Performance Monitoring: Memory

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 15.56.18

Performance Monitoring: Disk

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 15.56.25

*Note: these charts are rendered on the “More Information” dialogue and do not cascade to the Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring history report.

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