MAX RemoteManagement – Windows Phone MDM Notice

Dear Customer,

We wish to make you aware that a Windows Phone certificate used in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Windows Phones will expire on November 24th. The update to the Windows Phone certificate will require you to re-enrol Windows Phone devices after the transition date on the 24th. This is a one-off event related to the company change from GFI Software to LogicNow.

We’re trying to keep disruption to a minimum and all the Windows Phone policy settings will be kept, however it’s not possible to avoid the need for devices to re-enrol. The simplest approach is to remove the Windows Phone device from your Dashboard on or near November 24th, then add it after the 24th as if it’s a new device.

We strongly recommend you make sure that the two “Advanced Settings” options (allow user to un-enrol and allow user to reset phone) on the Security page in the Windows Phone policy are both enabled, to avoid any accidental lockout of the device.

We appreciate this may cause some disruption to users and apologise for the short notice. We wish to mention also that Windows Phone is currently under release candidate (RC) status and you won’t be billed for using this feature. We plan to turn Windows Phone GA following this certificate update but will not yet bill for the month of November.

With kind regards,
The MAXfocus Team

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