MAX ServiceDesk 1.9

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce the release of ServiceDesk 1.9, which is now available on all installations.

This release includes some major new features, including the ability to setup contract service lines with fixed or variable costs, ticket merging, rate cards and other enhancements.

Please find the full release notes below:-

Contract Capabilities

New functionality available to create contracts against an Organization to track the use of block hour agreements and service line charges (e.g. a fixed or variable interval charge based on number of assets such as workstations or servers).

  • Ability to create draft contracts
  • Set hours available at a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or open ended basis during the contract term.
  • Notification capabilities when contract hours drop below a certain limit for the organization
  • Supports multiple ‘Service Lines’ which can be a fixed or variable cost generated on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Ability to have costs calculated based on the number of assets within ServiceDesk, such as Workstations or Servers, or number of Users.
  • Costs are generated in a ticket and available for integration export to supported QuickBooks packages

Rate Cards

Added the capability to create multiple rate cards for use when inputting time against tickets. A rate card can have any number of time billing rates and can be assigned to single, multiple organizations or globally.

  • Multiple Rate Cards supported
  • Ability to define whether a rate card should default to billable/un-billable for new entries
  • Ability to create a ‘Global’ rate card, available to all Organizations
  • Define whether standard rate entries should default to billable/un-billable for new entries

Ticket Merging

New functionality to merge tickets. Merging tickets allows the selection of multiple tickets from the listings and ability to define a primary ticket that secondary tickets will be merged/associated with.

  • Ability to select multiple tickets, defining one as a primary ticket, secondary tickets will be closed during the merge.
  • Option to merge in responses from secondary tickets to the primary ticket
  • Option to add a new response to all secondary tickets, and whether to notify the owners of the secondary tickets or have it as a private internal note.
  • Option to add a new response to all primary tickets, and whether to notify the owner of the primary ticket or have it as a private internal note.
  • Option available to continue to notify owners of the secondary tickets on staff responses to the primary ticket
  • Auditing of merging activity stored in the Ticket History logs.

Additional Enhancements

  • Enhanced Ticket Creation, Improved User Selection
  • Suppress Ticket Notifications at a Queue Level
  • Ability to Enable Notifications for ‘Tickets Assigned to Me’
  • Business Hours Enhancements


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