MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.50 Release – Dashboard UI Upgrade and Enhancements

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that Dashboard v5.50 is being released overnight, so that it will be available in advance of the working day tomorrow, Friday October 10th. In this release we’ll be updating the underlying UI technology of the Dashboard, a significant technical investment that will allow us to roll out future UI and UX enhancements more easily and with greater flexibility, including for example maintenance windows and user roles and permissions.

As this is primarily a technical upgrade, the Dashboard will appear and operate much like before. Nonetheless, we’re pleased to be able to introduce several UI enhancements, designed to make the Dashboard faster and easier to use. Here’s a quick list of the main UI improvements:

  • Improved panel resizing to help you focus on the task at hand
  • Show and hide columns more easily and change the ordering with drag and drop
  • Maximise the work space with a new option to go full screen
  • Right-click or double click on the client tree to access client and site settings
  • Cleaner UI with consolidated Antivirus and Asset tabs in the south pane
  • Various smaller UI enhancements, cosmetic tweaks and consistency improvements
  • Faster refresh actions and automatic refresh when the Dashboard is idle

For more details of the changes, please click here to view the accompanying Dashboard release PDF.

Please be aware that because we’re launching a new UI framework, the Dashboard UI settings will revert to the standard ‘out of the box’ configuration. You can use the new and easier UI options to tweak the Dashboard layout to suit your preferences.

This update marks a significant step in our investment strategy for delivering a world-class RMM platform. We hope these first enhancements of the new UI prove helpful, and we look forward to delivering many new feature enhancements in the updated Dashboard going forward.


Product Manager @ MAX

Summary for Feature Release, Thursday 9 October 2014:

  • Feature release focused on a new Dashboard UI framework
  • Dashboard v5.50
  • No agent update

Dashboard v5.50

  • UPDATE: Release of a major technology update to the UI framework
  • UPDATE: Show all feature columns by default in the north pane (including Patch Management and Remote Background Management)
  • UPDATE: Easier panel resizing and the ability to fully hide and show the client tree
  • UPDATE: Option to hide the top and bottom logo sections for a full-screen mode (not available for the client view-only Dashboard)
  • UPDATE: Right-click a client or site in the client tree to open up a context menu with Edit and Delete options
  • UPDATE: More easily show and hide feature columns in the north pane and alert columns in the south pane
  • UPDATE: Consolidated Antivirus tab in the south pane that contains the Threats, Scans, Quarantine sections
  • UPDATE: Consolidated Assets tab in the south pane that contains the Hardware and Software sections
  • UPDATE: The Automated Tasks tab in the south pane has been renamed to Tasks
  • UPDATE: A more efficient Dashboard refresh that only updates the changed sections for a faster Dashboard and smoother user experience
  • UPDATE: Automatic Dashboard refresh every 5 minutes after user inactivity
  • UPDATE: North pane, south pane and client tree panel sizes automatically adjust when viewed on different screen sizes, maintaining their size ratios
  • UPDATE: A new page layout reset option that reverts the Dashboard UI to its original layout settings
  • UPDATE: Various minor UI enhancements, cosmetic tweaks and layout consistency improvements
  • UPDATE: The Asset Tracking section is now available from the View menu and appears in its own browser window with the device preselected


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