MAX ServiceDesk 1.8

Hi All,

MAX ServiceDesk 1.8 has been released and is now available on all installations. Please find the release details below.

2nd October 2014: Release Summary
QuickBooks Desktop released, export ServiceDesk time and cost items to QuickBooks Invoices. New Import Capabilities, supporting CSV imports for Users and Organisations into ServiceDesk. Address Book functionality with improved UI contact management against ServiceDesk Users.

New Ticket Rules and Workflow capabilities, enhanced Time Logging for managing time input against tickets.

Enhancement Details

Time Logging Enhancements

The Time Logging capabilities against a Ticket have been enhanced in the 1.8 release, providing greater flexibility on input and management of time entries.

  • Ability to set Time Entry start date/time on creation
  • Improved Notes entry for additional data capture
  • Increased support for Time Entry input formats (minutes and hours/minutes)
  • Ability to create multiple time entries during input
  • Improved Start/Stop Timer, ability to select the relevant rate when starting the Timer (rather than defaulting to Standard Rate).
  • New running timer display on the UI to give visibility of current active duration
  • Ability to modify the Rate applied to a previous time entry
  • Ability to view which Time and Cost entries have been ‘Invoiced’ and exported via the
  • Integration capabilities

QuickBooks Desktop

In addition to our existing QuickBooks Online integration QuickBooks Desktop is now available as GA for integration with QuickBooks On Premise products (2007+). This integration allows ServiceDesk Time and Cost Entries against Organisations to be exported to your QuickBooks installation for invoice creation.

  • Export Time and Cost Entries to QuickBooks
  • Ability to review and select items to queue for QuickBooks retrieval
  • Retention of ServiceDesk Organisation to QuickBooks mapping for future processing
  • Scheduled WebConnector integration

Import Capabilities

The new ServiceDesk Import capabilities at an Organisation and User level allow you to easily import from an existing CSV file and will allow you to map the relevant columns to ServiceDesk entities.

  • Import Organisations
  • Import End Users
  • Mapping capabilities and workflow for aiding the data import

Address Book Capabilities

The User Management UI has been updated in 1.8 to allow more flexible management of a large number of users and increased flexibility for managing contacts at a user level.

  • New UI for managing End Users and ability to open users on the same screen
  • Improved Filtering and Search of Users
  • Support for multiple contact records against each user
  • Flexible contact record creation, custom field support and contact type.

Ticket Rules and Workflow

The Ticket Rule capabilities in 1.8 have been replaced to provide more flexibility for routing and handling Tickets on a wider basis than purely routing on creation.

New support for rules with multiple conditions, including:

  • When submitting email address equals or contains a specific string
  • When a ticket title contains a specific string
  • Based on the ticket origin (e.g. MAX RM, Email, Web, Staff)
  • When the ticket relates to a specific Organisation
  • Based on a specific Ticket Queue
    New support for multiple Ticket Actions
  • Update Ticket Status
  • Set the Ticket Sub Status
  • Move to a specific Ticket Queue
  • Notify a specific staff agent
  • Set the Ticket Priority
  • Ability to have a single rule condition stop processing any more rules
  • Ability to apply rules on Ticket Creation and Ticket Update events
  • Ability to switch rules on and off for the two event triggers

Additional Improvements

  • Ability to set a Ticket Queue as a default queue, in the event of a deleted queue used in routing
  • New Print Warehouse feature, allowing background processing of PDF and Reports for storage and later download.
  • Access to Reporting for non-admin users can be enabled or disabled within each agents staff profile.

Bug Fixes

  • Enforce http[s]:// on the external homepage link
  • Fixed ordering of Asset drop down items
  • Removing an Asset from ServiceDesk will remove the asset from ‘Associated Assets’ in Tickets
  • Scheduled Tickets, notifications on creation and ability to suppress
  • Ticket History will show User actions from the Self Service front-end
  • Fix browser display issue on Reports ‘View by’
  • Improved attachment handling via email and the front-end.
  • Improved international encoding on UTF8 PDF Exports
  • Moved the ‘Send Feedback’ and ‘Request Support’ buttons to the left navigation to avoid blocking update messages.
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