MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.45 Feature Release – MAX Mail Integration into MAX RM

Hi Everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the integration of MAX Mail into MAX RemoteManagement with the overnight release of Dashboard v5.45, making this brand new offering available as release candidate (RC) to customers from Friday 5th of September. Now you’ll be able to set up and manage MAX MailProtection and MAX MailArchive directly from the MAX RM Dashboard — the first major RMM platform to offer such a service:

• MAX MailProtection: Protect your clients’ email infrastructure from spam, viruses and other email-borne threats, and provide built-in continuity to allow customers continued access to email even in the event of a problem with their primary email infrastructure

• MAX MailArchive: Provide a geographically distributed, easy-to-use email archiving solution that helps customers improve productivity, comply with regulations, and preserve intellectual property

• Alerting for email issues: Receive alerts by email and/or SMS for critical issues related to your customers’ email, ensuring you have visibility into a key component of your customers’ infrastructure

• Simplified user management: Automate day-to-day customer account management and ensure accuracy across systems with built-in Active Directory synchronization

• Intuitive UI: Use App Control to easily manage MAX Mail clients, domains, and users – and if customers are also using Office 365 or Google Apps, you can consolidate user management across multiple cloud services

The introduction of MAX Mail through MAX RM represents another major step forward in realising the benefits of managing all IT services through a single pane of glass. Furthermore, Mail Protection greatly complements the recently introduced Web Protection feature, which together with Managed Anti-Virus, Patch Management and Mobile Device security, can constitute a comprehensive, multi-layered security offering for your clients.

Please note that there is no additional charge for using MAX Mail within the MAX RM Dashboard, and you can enjoy the same 30 day free-of-charge trial period available with MAX Mail when you sign up through MAX RM. MAX Mail services consumed through MAX RM will be billed through MAX Mail.

We very much hope you will find this major update to MAX Mail and MAX RM a great enhancement to these services. To get started, here’s a link to our Quick Start Guide. Full release notes are below.
Product Manager @ GFI MAX

Summary for Feature Release, Thursday 4 September 2014:

• Feature release focused on MAX Mail integration into MAX RM (RC)
• Dashboard v5.45
• Agent v9.6.1 remains the GA agent

Dashboard v5.45

• FEATURE: Integration of MAX Mail into MAX RM – Manage MailProtection and MailArchive services from the MAX RM Dashboard
• FEATURE: Use Active Directory Sync to synchronize and automate user management for Office 365 and MAX Mail client accounts
• FEATURE: Set automatic App Control email and SMS alerts for MAX Mail, Office 365 and Google Apps events from the Edit Alert dialog
• FEATURE: Configure mail templates for App Control email alerts
• FEATURE: Add support for Office 365 Enterprise Edition to App Control
• UPDATE: Adjust columns on Services tab to make the number of users per App Control service clearer
• BUGFIX: Mobile Device Management – Ensure the popup bubble on the Show on Map feature expands correctly
• BUGFIX: Improve performance of User Audit Report
• BUGFIX: Address GFI MAX RemoteManagement login portal timeout issues
• BUGFIX: Ensure Support Tickets from the Distributor Dashboard can be submitted
• BUGFIX: Prevent Italian translations from occasionally appearing twice
• BUGFIX: Ensure the Asset Tracking VMWare Serials are persisted and displayed correctly

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