GFI MAX RM – EU Instance – new SSL certificates


As we maintain secure communication between the Agent and our infrastructure, we will retire some SSL certificates on upload servers that will expire soon. They will be replaced by wildcard/UC certificates (* already used elsewhere.

While we do not anticipate general problems, under some circumstances this might affect Agents running on Windows 2000 (client) and Windows Server 2003 that do not have “Update for Root Certificates for Windows” installed in a version 2007 or newer. Upon switchover, these Agents would show as overdue. Said update is available via Windows Update as well as our own Patch Management feature. Support will also be able to assist you.

Most users will not have to change anything. We will inform customers by sending an updated notification on status page (this work is scheduled on 2014/09/08).

* (EU, PL, FR1, FRANCE, IE, Germany) – upload servers

Best regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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