GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Dashboard v5.30

Hi Everyone,

Dashboard v5.30 is being released to all territories overnight so that it is available before start of working day tomorrow, Friday 23rd November. Full release notes are as follows:

Managed Online Backup

  • FEATURE: Support Seed Loading for Managed Online Backup (requires Agent v8.16.0 RC or above)
  • FEATURE: Daily Safety Check for Managed Online Backup – Selected Size
  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup Manager updated to IASO Backup Technology 2012 (
  • BUGFIX: Mangaed Online Backup Manager is now backwards compatible with IASO Backup Technology 2011

Managed Antivirus

  • UPDATE: New server protection policies will default to “Execution Only” for Active Protection
  • UPDATE: New server protection policies will default to out of hours quick scan and deep scan
  • BUGFIX: Rename “Do not perform scans when running on battery” to “Laptop Power Save Mode” and remove from server and desktop protection policies
  • BUGFIX: Do not send “No communication from Managed Antivirus Agent” alerts when “Laptop Power Save Mode” is enabled in existing protection policies
  • BUGFIX: Do not let “No communication from Managed Antivirus Agent” alerts be configured in protection policy if “Laptop Power Save Mode” is enabled
  • BUGFIX: Only process new “Release from Quarantine” and “Delete from Quarantine” actions if quarantine items are not already pending release or deletion
  • BUGFIX: Resolve issues where Managed Antivirus check status does not match quarantine status
  • BUGFIX: Ensure AM/PM can always be seen in Managed Antivirus scan times

Please note that we recommend Active Protection is set to “Execution only” in existing server protection policies.

Patch Management

  • UPDATE: CSV and XML output formats for Patch Overview report
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Patch Management settings are saved correctly when changing from an inherited policy to a device managed policy

PSA Integration

  • UPDATE: Auto-map devices to AutoTask PSA by serial number
  • UPDATE: Further performance improvements to the PSA Entity Mappings Dialog
  • BUGFIX: Use (rather than to avoid fatal errors when setting up PSA Integration

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • UPDATE: Truncate notes when confirming deletion
  • UPDATE: Display instruction to include country prefix for SMS delivery in Alert Settings dialog
  • BUGFIX: Correctly report Kaspersky Antivirus definitions
  • BUGFIX: Correctly report Malwarebytes Anti-Malware definitions
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Last Boot Time is displayed correctly in Wallchart
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Antivirus product is always selected when editing multiple checks
  • BUGFIX: Show Refresh button on Check tab when logged in as Client
  • BUGFIX: Display site name in title of example site uptime chart
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Dashboard can load Checks and Notes when SQL Query Check contains invalid characters
  • BUGFIX: Ensure Site Managed Automated Tasks panel always renders correctly when quickly switching tabs

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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