Linux Agent 0.9.0 Beta 3


We released the Beta3 of the Linux Agent, adding some planned features and implementing feedback received from customers.

The release notes are as follows:

0.9.0 [Beta3] – 2012-11-23

  • FEATURE: Hacker Check
  • FEATURE: Backup Check (Amanda Backup Server v3.3)
  • FEATURE: Antivirus Update Check (ClamAV and Kaspersky Antivirus for Linux File Server v8)
  • FEATURE: MTA Check (sendmail, qmail, exim and postfix)
  • FEATURE: MySQL Server Check (v5.0 and above)
  • FEATURE: Script Check (shell and interpreted languages)
  • UPDATE: Include CPU cache memory in Asset Tracking
  • BUGFIX: List motherboard details in Asset Tracking on RHEL 5
  • BUGFIX: Resolve floating point error if unable to obtain refresh rate of video card
  • BUGFIX: Correctly show restart failed in Dashboard if daemon check fails to restart service
  • BUGFIX: Correctly show free space available when File System Space change check passes
  • BUGFIX: Correctly report errors in File System Space change check
  • BUGFIX: Exclude optical disks from selection for physical disk checks
  • BUGFIX: Exclude directories from selection for log file checks
  • BUGFIX: Ensure configured proxy server is used for downloads
  • BUGFIX: Remove dependency on smartmontools package on RHEL 4 and CentOS 4
  • BUGFIX: Reduce CPU usage waiting for event notifications

Known issues

The functionality included in this release has been verified by our QA team and is considered ready to be used by customers. We are unaware of any major issues but will update this document accordingly. The following minor issues are known:

  • Slight differences in functionality may exist between the Windows and the Linux Agent. To lessen the impact on regular reporting, monitored Linux servers are currently excluded from reports.
  • TCP Service Checks configured to ‘Alert if port is not accepting connections’ will pass when invalid addresses are entered
  • Hardware Asset Tracking is currently missing the manufacturer of the floppy disk drives
  • Hardware Asset Tracking is currently missing monitor and video card information
  • Hardware Asset Tracking does not report the physical chassis type

Supported GNU/Linux distributions

  • CentOS 5
  • CentOS 6
  • Fedora 15
  • Fedora 16
  • Fedora 17
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • openSUSE 11.4
  • openSUSE 12.1
  • openSUSE 12.2
  • SLE 10
  • SLE 11
  • Debian 5.0
  • Debian 6.0
  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • Ubuntu 11.10
  • Ubuntu 12.04

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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