GFI MAX RemoteManagement – Agent v8.15.3 Auto-Update

Hi Everyone,

Agent v8.15.3 is now available for automatic update from your Dashboard. This includes TeamViewer integration and bugfixes for problems updating Patch Management to LANGuard 2012 and the SNMP Check. This replaces Agent v8.14.4 as the current production General Availability agent. Full release notes (over and above Agent v8.14.4) are as follows:

Agent v8.15.3

  • BUGFIX: Recover from failed LANGuard 2011 uninstalls that were preventing Vulnerability Scan running
  • BUGFIX: Ensure event description is correctly limited to 100 characters in Critical Events check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that a failed SNMP query does not cause other SNMP checks for same device to fail

Agent v8.15.2 Release Candidate

  • UPDATE: Add support for Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.5 and above in Backup Check
  • BUGFIX: Correctly distinguish between unique backup tasks in Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.0.17437 and above
  • BUGFIX: Only include activities from the previous 24 hours in Acronis Backup & Recovery v11.0.17437 and above

Agent v8.15.1 Release Candidate

  • FEATURE: Integrate with existing TeamViewer installations (requires TeamViewer version 7.0.15723) to allow remote access sessions to be launched from Dashboard
  • UPDATE: Managed Online Backup updated to IASO Backup Technology 2012 (
  • BUGFIX: Do not select invalid System State data sources in Managed Online Backup
  • BUGFIX: Fix access violation when running Critical Events Check in “10 Most Recent” mode
  • BUGFIX: Ensure that Event Log Checks running as Daily Safety Checks, consider all events from the previous 24 hours
  • BUGFIX: Ensure condition “does not contain” works correctly in Event Log Check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure wildcards in event sources in Event Log Check are respected in all cases

Agent v8.15.0 Release Candidate

Managed Online Backup

  • UPDATE: Update Managed Online Backup to IASO Backup Technology 2012 (
  • UPDATE: Add plugin to backup Oracle Databases
  • UPDATE: Add plugin to backup Microsoft SharePoint (VSS)
  • UPDATE: Reduce size of incremental backups for Exchange plugin
  • UPDATE: VMWare plugin now releases snapshots after each backup is completed
  • UPDATE: Support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • UPDATE: Allow Managed Online backup encryption keys to be manually changed by user
  • UPDATE: Ensure backups are still completed if either LocalSpeedVault or Managed Online Backup Server is temporarily unavailable
  • UPDATE: Add the option in Files & Folders and Network Share plugins to choose whether to Overwrite or Skip existing files during restore operations
  • UPDATE: Backup Manager now shows Server and LocalSpeedVault synchronisation status
  • UPDATE: Backup Manager now shows used storage space for storage account
  • UPDATE: Backup Manager now shows storage node address

Miscellaneous Updates and Bugfixes

  • UPDATE: Add support for ARCserve v16 to the Backup Check
  • UPDATE: Improve detection of installed Norman Antivirus for Antivirus Update Check
  • BUGFIX: Ensure all relevant events are registered for CA ARCserve Backup in the Backup Check

With kind regards,
The GFI MAX Team

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