Announcing Cove version 23.11

We are pleased to announce the availability of Cove Data Protection version 23.11. This release includes improved flexibility on the frequency of Standby Image boot checks, enhancements to backup for Microsoft 365, various security enhancements, and updates to improve the usability of the management dashboard.

Continuity (Standby Image):
In response to partner requests, we have introduced customizable boot check frequency for the Standby Image to Hyper-V disaster recovery feature. This flexibility will allow you to reduce unnecessary load on a recovery location by performing less frequent boot checks. This will allow you to use the same recovery location for more devices by performing boot checks less frequently on each one.

In addition, you now have the option to turn off boot checks for the Standby Image to Azure feature, thereby lowering your Azure costs.

Finally, we have added the ability to make these boot check frequency adjustments directly in the device properties dialog box, for greater convenience.

Microsoft 365:
Several enhancements have been made to our backup capabilities for Microsoft 365, including:

  • Previously, the last folder in a tree could not be selected as a OneDrive restore target location. With this release, that limitation has been removed.
  • The previous restore limitation of 3 MB for messages has been removed
  • Teams errors are now grouped by the Team name, for ease of use
  • Security has been enhanced by adding a 30-minute time limit to configure and kick off a restore.

Management dashboard:
The search filter panel has been improved by adding the ability to search by backup status, adding the option to expand all or collapse all categories, and by allowing searches by category name, collapsing the category view if there are no matches.

In addition, the 28-day color bar on the dashboard now has a gray shadow bar to visually clarify where it begins and ends when resizing the column.

N-central Integration:
Cove Deployment Amps in the Repository! With N-central 2023.8, we’ve made it simpler for you to deploy Cove Data Protection to your managed devices, by adding the deployment AMPs to the Script/Software repository. Learn more here.

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