Release Take Control Linux Console Beta

We are very pleased to announce the new Beta version of the Take Control for Linux Console

In response to numerous requests, we are providing installers of the new TC Standalone Console for running it in Linux (through the Wine compatibility layer). This is still a beta version, and we expect to enhance it and correct any issues found, with the feedback from our community of users. From our tests, it is running well on Ubuntu 20, 22 and Fedora 36, but it might also run in other distros, provided that are supported by the latest versions of Wine.

These installers are provided “as-is”: given the Console is running using a third-party compatibility layer, we might not be able to provide the same level of support as we do with the Take Control Linux Agent and the modules for other operating systems.

NOTE: Please follow the instructions included carefully, to avoid any problems or corrupted applications if you already have Wine installed. 

Here are some images showing the new Linux Console:

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