N-able Mail Assure: July Features and Updates Release

This month, in addition to the usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements, we’ve added the option to configure branded MX records.

Branded MX records

Over the next four weeks, we will be enabling the changes, which allows to configure branded MX records. 

We have added a new section on the Branding Management page. This way, it is possible to use TLS connections that verify that the certificate CN matches the name of the server being connected, even when branded MX records are used.

Mail Assure provisions the possibility to brand up to 10 MX records per Admin account, generating LetsEncrypt certificates to enable them.


Since the latest major release, we’ve fixed the following issues: 

  • MMA-5149. Disable autocomplete behavior in the app form fields for preventing the risks from CWE-522 vulnerability.
  • MMA-7828. Fix the issue with the certificates not updated on filtering servers.
  • MMA-8028. Fix the issue with certificates deletion.
  • MMA-8128. Fix the issue with Manage outgoing users page.
  • MMA-8188. Fix the issue with ESR not sending when a default template is not set.
  • MMA-8209. Fix the issue when the domain verification is not completed.
  • MMA-8235. Fix the issue with on-demand archive index rebuild.
  • MMA-8169. Fix an issue with duplicate delivery when releasing the message.
  • MMA-8215. Fix an issue when ESR was not sent due to a timezone mismatch.
  • MMA-8224. Fix an issue with an opendmarc query generating loading issue.

  We’ve also made the following improvements: 

  • MMA-3289. Performance improvements for logs migration system.
  • MMA-8019. Improve Microsoft365 synchronization adding the option to reconfigure or continue the process for the tenants linked to admin who didn’t complete the wizard.
  • MMA-8118. Improve add domain process with validations for domain, host, and port.
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