N-able Mail Assure: June Features and Updates Release

This month, as well as the usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements, we’ve added the option to attach PDF version for Email Scout Report (ESR) as well as the possibility to configure the same ESR for multiple recipients.

Over the next four weeks we will be enabling this set of changes for more flexibility when an Email Scout Report is configured.

Optional attach PDF version when configure Email Scout Report

A new option has been added in the Setup Email Scout Report page to attach the report in PDF format.

The option is available for all the delivery types and it needs to be checked for generating the attachment. The existing reports can be edited to include the PDF version.

This option is compatible with the default templates only and the attached report contains the same information as in the message body.

Multiple recipients for Email Scout Reports

Destination field from Setup Email Scout Report page allows entering multiple recipients for the configured report, under the limit of 255 characters. This is available for all the delivery types.

The existing reports can be edited for adding multiple recipients.


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues: 

  • MMA-8097. Fix an issue with Log Search Quarantine page continuous loading.
  • MMA-6817. Fix an issue with Manage Outgoing Users page.
  • MMA-7936. Fix an issue with sending messages to Private Portal from Compose Email page.
  • MMA-8103. Adjust CSV template for data import in Incoming/Block list filtering rules on domain level.
  • MMA-8119. Fix an issue when editing Private Portal policy.
  • MMA-8110. Fix an issue with PDF version for Protection Report using Japanese language.
  • MMA-8127. Fix the issue when setting the brand.
  • MMA-8115. Adjust Desktop Table ESR template for Windows Outlook.
  • MMA-8126. Fix the issue with login link emails not displayed correctly.
  • MMA-8133. Fix a timeout issue when Microsoft 365 Sync.
  • MMA-8100. Fix issue with InnoDB table/index stats tables when missing preventing InnoDB to properly use stats and analyze tables.
  • MMA-8151. Fix a Microsoft 365 Sync issue when the synchronization frequency setting was not retained.
  • MMA-8162. Fix the issue when the user couldn’t be created.
  • MMA-8159. Fix the issue when data was not shown in Usage report page.
  • MMA-8168. Fix the issue with domain transfer for the clusters without Incoming license.
  • MMA-8181. Fix the issue with internal service not restarting after update.

We’ve also made the following improvements: 

  • MMA-6424. Decreased the time required for the weekly maintenance window.
  • MMA-3439. Add support for CHUNKING/BDAT so that the messages transferred over SMTP can contain the Carriage Return (CR) or Line Feed (LF) character.
  • MMA-3990. Improve performance of submission IP authentication query.
  • MMA-7244. Added further optimization for URL handling inside PDFs.
  • MMA-8130. Increase lock wait timeout to allow for larger backend batch work. Add better index for statistics expiry speed.
  • MMA-7940. Improve simple filtering rules when matching is on Country, Continent, and Language.
  • MMA-622. Prevent adding Auto ESRs for the domains with catch-all option.
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