MSP Manager Chat Transcript in Tickets

We would like to share a few recent updates to MSP Manager – Chat Transcript in Tickets and a couple of Customer Portal enhancements.

Chat Transcript in Tickets

For chat session initiated directly from a ticket, the transcript of the chat session is available in a new tab in the right context menu. Note that this is only available in our new ticket editor which is currently in Preview. If you would like to take advantage of this new feature, please reach out to me directly at and I will turn it on for you.

2 Customer Portal Improvements

We’ve added a couple of improvements for the Customer Portal.

We have added a Portal URL quicklink to make it easier to navigate to your customized portal URL. Once you add your Portal Prefix, you will see the URL quicklink which will open your portal login page in a new browser tab.

We’ve also added an ‘External Homepage’ URL associated with the Portal logo. When a user clicks on the Portal logo, the specified URL will open in a new tab, making it easy to direct your users to your company’s website.

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