Passportal Release – Dual Sync

New feature – Dual Sync Ad/Azure sync Release Date May 24th

We are excited to announce the ability to have Both Azure and AD syncing into a single client. additionally Sync is now configurable on the password level with expanded options both for the client and credential level, this allows for more granularity and simplicity.

You can now set a Primary location this will allow the updates to propagate from the direction of your choice, while restricting updates from other directions

For more information please check out our Knowledge Base

Expanded options for Windows Sync

Sync direction controllable on the credential level

Have some functionally you want to see included, please let us know at our Ideas center,

We have released fixes for the following issues

  • Fixed an issue with Token expiry
  • corrected an issue with some accounts being able to login with N-Able SSO prior to migration

Summary for Release   
–Dual Sync Azure and AD now available

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