N-able Mail Assure: April Features and Updates Release

This month, as well as the usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements, we’ve added the option to skip the welcome message when an Email Scout Report (ESR) is configured, and we’ve made it possible to include distribution list in “all mailbox” ESR.

Optional sending of welcome message when configure Email Scout Report

Over the next four weeks we will be enabling a set of changes for more flexibility when an Email Scout Report is configured.

A new option has been added in the Setup Email Scout Report page to send the welcome message when a new mailbox is detected.

The new option needs to be unchecked to skip the welcome message, which otherwise is sent as before this change.

Optionally Create Email Scout Reports for Distribution List

In this version, a new option is available “Include distribution list” in case you do want to also generate ESRs for those mailboxes. This is visible when the “All mailboxes” checkbox is checked.

Similar with “Include shared mailboxes”, the new option “Include distribution list” needs to be checked to generate ESRs for distribution list using automatic ESRs.

This is only available for new created auto-ESR.


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues: 

  • MMA-7855. Adjust database config to increase chances of recovery without leftover files.
  • MMA-7698. Add optimizations to the log search to lower memory consumption.
  • MMA-7810. Fixed Private Portal issues when Uppercase and CamelCase mailboxes are added in the recipients list on Reply all.
  • MMA-7914. Fixed Private Portal issue with the audit log page not showing the results.
  • MMA-7928. Fixed Private Portal issue with compose/reply in case sender or recipient is a non-Mail Assure user.
  • MMA-7925. Fixed an issue with RUF report not being sent in case the sender’s TXT record has the “ruf:mailto” without trailing semicolon.
  • MMA-7964. Fixed an issue with DMARC reports being sent from invalid sender address.
  • MMA-7852. Fixed an issue when the status was not updated for mailboxes ending in dot .test.@example.com.
  • MMA-7958. Fixed an issue with Delivery field not properly working when editing multiple ESRs.
  • MMA-7948. Fixed ESR issue with missing the validators for the modal fields.
  • MMA-7944. Rebuild index got canceled after set period to proper handle the index queue.
  • MMA-7774. Add optimizations when expiring logs to lower memory consumption.

We’ve also made the following improvements: 

  • MMA-7592. Add “Include shared mailboxes” option when editing Auto ESRs.
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