Patch Management change in behavior for Windows 10 to 11 upgrade.

We wanted to advise you that we are seeing a change in behavior with how devices detect and offer the Windows 11 upgrade. It is in your interest to check your current settings to ensure you are happy with how they are set up.

Microsoft first released the patch to action the upgrade as “Upgrade to Windows 11” and then later changed it to “Windows 11”. These have been changed again to release more like traditional Feature Updates with one now named “Windows 11, 22H2”.

Particular attention should be given to this as both Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices can be offered “Windows 11, 22H2” and may appear to you as though you are updating your Windows 11 devices rather than upgrading your Windows 10 devices.

N-central customers should be aware that they now include a product name. Auto approval rules should be adjusted to target them. This might be an ongoing effort as product names may be changed by Microsoft over time.

N-sight customers should be aware that these will go through auto-approval rules.

For APAC and EMEA you can ignore/manual/approve these with the Upgrades class
For Americas you can ignore/manual/approve these with “other” severity. Auto approval rules will be changing on the Americas dashboards soon. :

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