Release Take Control Mac Agent 6.00.42 and Mac Console 6.00.42

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control for Mac Agent 6.00.42 and Console 6.00.42 including the new pinpointed features and fixes.

Fixes and improvements:

Take Control Mac Agent 6.00.42

FEATURE: Two-factor-authenticator (2FA): it is now possible to require an extra numeric code to login on each Agent (in addition to use Mac OS credentials or a Master password). At the Agent Configurator program for Mac, when in Admin mode, it is now possible to set up this feature, just as it was already in Windows.

Take Control Mac Console 6.00.42

FIX: Some sessions to Windows devices were causing the Viewer to crash, due to an unhandled difference on encoding. This has been resolved.

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