N-able Mail Assure: December Features and Updates Release 

This month, as well as the usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements, we’ve now identify the Microsoft 365 mailbox type in the synchronisation process.

Identify Mailbox Type in M365 Synchronisation Wizard

Rather than bundle the mailboxes under “shared” type, we identify them under four different types:  shared, room, equipment, and others in the Mailboxes step of the Microsoft 365 synchronisation wizard. Note that within Mail Assure itself, they will still be shown as shared mailboxes – the more detailed information is only available in the wizard.

We’ve increased the visibility for the mailboxes count per type also in the Summary step:

The mailbox type is provided by Microsoft

Having the correct mailbox type coming directly from Microsoft, we’ve disable the ability to change the mailbox type manually in Mail Assure. More details about the accuracy improvements when detecting the mailbox type can be found in the post here: https://status.n-able.com/2022/10/12/n-able-mail-assure-improved-accuracy-in-microsoft-365-sync-mailbox-detection.


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues: 

  • MMA-7586 – fix the issue that blocks editing ESRs
  • MMA-7520 – fix the issue with replying in Private Portal
  • MMA-7665 – fix the issue with replying in Continuity – Compose Email
  • MMA-7647 – fix the issue with transfer domains that use LDAP sync
  • MMA-7651 – fix the issue with Legacy API to set blocklist senders
  • MMA-6621 – fix the issue with custom action for allow/block listed main classes
  • MMA-7599 – fix preview issue for emails that don’t have an HTML body
  • MMA-7117 – fix the issue with editing ESRs when the scheduled hour is set to 0
  • MMA-7696 – fix the issue with ESRs not including all emails
  • MMA-7661 – fix the archive expire script to set the expiration for a deleted domain
  • MMA-7749 – fix the timeout issue during Microsoft 365 Synchronisation process

We’ve also made the following improvements: 

  • MMA-7206 – improvements to the efficiency of the identity locking script
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