MSP Manager, Support for Multiple M365 Integrations

We are happy to share some recent updates made in MSP Manager (MSPM).

In response to the deprecation of basic authentication for M365 accounts by MicrosoftTM, we have added the ability to integrate multiple M365 accounts. This will allow adding Monitored Mailboxes from different M365 accounts in MSPM.

Add additional M365 integrations under Settings > Integrations > M365. NOTE: currently M365 integrations in MSPM support Admin consent flow. Support for User consent flow will be available in an upcoming release to allow integration to a Personal M365 account.

Add you M365 Integration

When adding a new M365 Monitored Mailbox, first select the M365 integration name and then the email address in the M365 account.

As well, we have resolved the following customer-reported issues:

  • Workspaces Filters with more than one customer selected only list tickets for one customer
  • Images included on the ticket are not visible at the time of printing the ticket
  • Workspaces Customer List and Ticket List Widgets scroll up automatically
  • Workflow rules are failing when the case doesn’t match
  • Cannot delete Users linked to Ticket Time Entries
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