Advance Notice: EDR Mac Agent Update

We are pleased to announce that Monday November 14, the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product will be releasing a new Mac agent. The Mac agent will see an update to 22.2 GA ( from 22.1 GA ( We strongly recommend upgrading these agents as soon as possible to provide the maximum level of protection available.

New and improved in Mac 22.2 GA (

Firewall Control Behavior Change

Firewall Control lets you manage endpoint firewall settings from the SentinelOne Management Console. Use Firewall Control to define which network traffic is allowed in and out of endpoints.

  • The Network Extension is now enabled by default on endpoints with macOS Big Sur and later. The default for macOS Catalina is false.

Note: When the Network Extension loads, users may experience connectivity issues. All TCP connections can be disconnected.

  • The Network Filter is enabled by default on endpoints with macOS Catalina. The default for macOS Big Sur and later is false.

Anti-tampering Policy Configuration Change

From version 22.2, the anti-tampering policy configuration parameter, AntiTamperDisabled, was renamed AntiTamperFileEventsEnabled. The new name shows that if you disable this parameter with a policy override or configuration change, it only disables the file events and not the whole anti-tampering mechanism.

Endpoint Serial Numbers

The Agent now sends the endpoint serial number to the Endpoint Details in the Sentinels > Endpoints window and in the Endpoint Details window.

And More…

  • macOS Ventura – Added support for macOS Ventura Beta testing – You can now install the Agent on the macOS Ventura Beta versions. We can not guarantee a production-grade Agent for the macOS Beta versions. Use this Agent for testing purposes only.
  • Agent downgrade blocked: In this version, Agent downgrade is blocked by the Agent to avoid compatibility issues. Agent downgrade will be supported in a future Agent version.

For the full list of Bug Fixes please see the Release Notes link below

For full details on all updates please check out our Release Notes:

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