Advance Notice: Cove 22.9

Sept. 14 N-able plans to release Cove Data Protection version 22.9, which will include the release of the new backup management console, as discussed when the early access preview began. With this version, the new dashboard will be the default, with the ability to toggle back to the legacy view. We are still seeking feedback prior to full general availability later this year.

Highlights of the new interface include:

  • The ability to search filter terms by short codes for more accurate searches:
  • Three key columns in the management console have been pinned, to ensure they remain visible as other changes are made to customize views. The device selection, device name, and actions columns are now pinned.

Three columns are now pinned to the main dashboard, as indicated here in red.

Recovery Testing enhancements
Cove’s automated recovery testing management console has gained usability enhancements including:

  • A new search field to quickly find devices you wish to add to (or remove from) a recovery testing plan
  • Explanatory tool tips have been added to clarify that restoring to Hyper-V is unavailable if the Recovery Location is a network share/NAS device, and to provide explanations for other error conditions.
  • Support for Japanese characters in event logs and recovery testing verification reports has been added.

Customer Management
The Customer Management interface has been redesigned to provide informative at-a-glance views of customer settings. Improvements clearly show how many days are left for trial accounts, and any trials that have ended. In addition, when adding new customers or contacts, any invalid field entries are now highlighted in red for faster identification and resolution.

New customer management UI

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