N-able N-sight: Service Release, New GA Agent

Windows Vista End of Support Notice

We want to let you know we will be retiring support for Windows Vista in N-able N-sight RMM. As you know, Microsoft officially ended support for this operating systems several years ago. We have continued to offer agent-based monitoring during this time, however we have now reached the point where it’s no longer possible to support this legacy operating system with agent-based monitoring.

Beginning September 192022, we can no longer guarantee agent support for this operating system. Windows Vista devices may no longer connect to N-sight RMM, and they may start to show as overdue or offline. We encourage you to remove these devices from N-sight RMM by this date, or you may still be billed for these devices.

New Windows GA Agent, v10.12.5

We’re pleased to let you know that we are promoting Windows Agent v10.12.5 to be the new GA Agent. This contains a series of improvements from the current GA Agent (v10.12.4), focusing on quality of service and reliability. With fixes for script runner installs. Please upgrade to this latest GA agent at your early convenience. In keeping with the new Windows Agent upgrade process, we will auto-upgrade to this latest Agent in a few weeks’ time.

BUGFIX – v10.12.5 was updated to fix issue where Patch Management was failing to install

BUGFIX: – Devices that report a chassis type of detachable should also be classed as laptops at device registration time

BUGFIX: – Various script runner fixes

UPDATE:- Added Network Discovery Database to log collector

UPDATE:- Improvements to the log collector

New Windows RC Agent, v10.12.6

BUGFIX – 10.12.6 RC was updated to fix issue where automated tasks were not passing parameters with single or double quotes. 

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