Release Take Control Standalone for Mac – version 6.00.34 (Agent, Applet, Console and End-User Viewer)

We are very pleased to announce the new versions of Take Control Standalone Mac, which include new features such as showing Public IP, out-of-session chat and button to access credentials, and bug fixes.

Take Control Standalone Mac Agent and Applet 6.00.34

FEATURE: Now sending the both Public and Private IP address of the remote device to the Viewer, since knowing the Public IP address is very useful during a remote session.

Public IP

FIX: Take Control was not recognizing USB-C monitors in Mac M1/M2 devices. This has been resolved.

Take Control Standalone Mac Console and End-User Viewer 6.00.34

FEATURE (Console only): Out-of-session chat: New button to chat with Agents outside of a remote session, just like it is already possible at the Admin Area. (This feature is being rolled out over the next few days).

Out-of-session chat

FEATURE: The Applet elevation menu has now buttons to access credentials stored in Passportal or Take Control’s own Secrets Vaults.

Vault button

FIX: The keyboard mapping options were, in specific situations, working incorrectly. The options now are reflecting what is configured at the Interactions menu at the Remote Desktop tab.

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