N-able Mail Assure: May Features and Updates Release

This month, we’re excited to announce several new improvements to the general ease-of-use of Mail Assure, to help minimise the amount of time technicians need to spend in the app, freeing them up to do other work while Mail Assure does its job in the background.

Faster conversion of mailboxes to aliases

Previously, converting a mailbox to a mailbox alias (e.g. perhaps an employee has left a customer, and their mail should now be redirected to someone else’s mailbox), involved two steps: removing the mailbox, and adding the alias. This is now possible as a single action (the outcome is exactly the same as doing each step separately).

Simply use the new “convert mailbox to alias” action in the mailbox list:

Mailboxes have a new action available, “Convert mailbox to alias”

And then enter the mailbox name that the alias should be attached to in the dialog that appears:

Convert mailbox to alias dialog, prefilled with domain and alias

Easier assignment of domains to customers

It’s important to ensure that domains are appropriately assigned to admins so that you can more easily administer them (e.g. apply settings to the entire admin to apply customer level rules). In the past, to transfer a domain, you had to know the exact name of the admin you wanted to transfer it to. This is now much simpler, with a new “Transfer internally” action:

The transfer action for domains has been split into two, with transfer internally new

When transferring internally, you’ll see a list of all of your admins (e.g. customers), so that you can easily complete the transfer.

The transfer internally action offers a list of your sub-admins to choose from

If you need to transfer a domain to an admin outside of your account (e.g. to an entirely separate Mail Assure tenant), then the old functionality is still available under the new “Transfer externally” name.

Inline images in email preview

When viewing a queued, quarantined, or archived message in the app preview, we’ll now display any inline images that were included inside of the message. Note that if the image was added as an attachment, rather than inline, it will still show as an attachment, and if the image is loaded remotely rather than included inside of the message, it will not be displayed.

In some cases, it’s much simpler to identify whether a message is or is not wanted if you can view these images. In the past, you would need to download the email or image and view it on your device, so having this visible in the preview should save considerable time in these situations.

Message preview in the app will show inline image attachments as imagess

Add Domain wizard recommends using the Microsoft 365 Sync

For domains that are hosted with Microsoft 365, using our Microsoft 365 Sync has many advantages – in particular, the sync allows you to manage the list of mailboxes in Microsoft 365, and have any changes automatically pulled into Mail Assure. The “Add Domain” wizard now recommends using the Microsoft 365 Sync when applicable, with an easy link to swap to the Sync wizard:

The Add Domain wizard has a quick link to the Microsoft 365 wizard

In addition, if the wizard detects that the domain being added is hosted with Microsoft 365, it will explicitly prompt the user to consider the Microsoft 365 Sync:

The Add Domain wizard will detect a Microsoft 365 and suggest using the sync


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues:

• MMA-6962, #3858. Fixes software API documentation page actions.
• MMA-7018, #3835. Fix removing Protection Reports sent to mailboxes with non-ASCII characters in the mailbox name.
• MMA-6462, #2291. Fix the Private Portal logs page to include the “private portal status” filter.
• MMA-7093, #3889. Fixed a rare condition where outgoing filter messages would not appear in the log search.
• MMA-7029, #3861. Fixed an issue where using non-ASCII characters in the remote syslog template would cause message events to not be sent.
• MMA-7053, #2355. Technicians would incorrectly show in some admin lists, such as assigning a template.
• #2346. In the new Private Label tooltips, fix displaying the brand name when it is inherited from a higher level.

We’ve also made the following improvements:

• Links to Private Portal pages are no longer visible in the classic app.
• The Private Portal app now includes a language switcher, and will automatically detect the user’s language based on their browser settings.
• Added a help dialog in the Private Portal app that includes basic information about Private Portal.
• In-line images are now correctly displayed in the Private Portal app.
• A new action is available in log search pages for Private Portal messages to take you to the audit page showing actions for that specific message.
• MMA-6434, #2299. The “Private Label” option is now more clearly identified as branding support, and the differences between Private Label options are explained in tooltips.
• MMA-6909, #3710. Delivery retries will more consistently use the same IP address, to avoid issues with downstream greylisting.
• MMA-7076, #39. The logged in technician no longer shows in the Manage Technicians list, to prevent people disabling or removing their own account.
• Mail Assure no longer appears in the “app switcher” (when using Mail Assure).
• MMA-6710, #3915. Improved the speed of the Private Portal audit log page.

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