Release Take Control Standalone – Android Applet 1.02.42, Windows Agent 7.00.33 and Windows Console/End-User Viewer 7.00.33

We are very pleased to announce the new version of Take Control Standalone for several applications.

Fixes and Improvements:

Take Control Standalone Android Applet 1.02.42

FEATURE: Allow the applet to list files and upload them.

Files list

FIX: New memory access methods (access only to public directories on Android system: Pictures, Videos, Documents, …)

FIX: Ordering of displayed credentials in the Passportal integration keeps halted in loading state.

FIX: File Transfer: Remote File list not displaying on first entry to File Transfer tab.

Take Control Standalone Windows Agent 7.00.33

FIX: Fixed special characters when submitting assistance requests.

Take Control Standalone Windows Viewer 7.00.33

FEATURE: Added Passportal and Vaults button to the Viewer’s elevation menu.

Passportal and Vault button

FIX: Login sequence issue

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