N-able Mail Assure: April Features and Updates Release

We’re continuing to focus on improving performance, ease-of-use, and the onboarding experience in Mail Assure. We’ll have more news about the performance improvements in a later update, but for now we’re happy to announce the immediate availability of several onboarding improvements – simpler configuration when adding a domain, and clearer options for Microsoft 365 sync users.

Configure options when adding a domain

We’re continuing to make it faster and easier to onboard your customers. We’ve heard from many of you that the “Options” step in the Microsoft 365 Sync Wizard is a great way to get domains configured in Mail Assure. We’re now bringing this same convenience to the regular “Add Domain” wizard.

There is a new “Options” step, where you can set the default time zone, date and time format for the domain. You can also choose whether incoming filter and archiving are enabled by default for the domain, and have Automatic Email Scout Reports for quarantine created. Finally, you can decide whether mail should be accepted for only the mailboxes that are defined (either manually or with the LDAP sync), or by asking the destination server (with a “callout”). In most cases, this means that you no longer need to further configure the domain after completing the wizard.

The new “Options” step in the Add Domain wizard allows choosing services and default settings

Microsoft 365 Sync Clearer Options

The “Mailboxes” tab in the Microsoft 365 sync now more clearly explains what selecting mailboxes means – ie. that we will sync all mailboxes to Mail Assure so that mail flow is possible, but that only the selected mailboxes will have the chosen services enabled.

The “Mailboxes” step of the Microsoft 365 sync wizard more clearly explains what happens when selecting mailboxes

We also now exclude the Email Scout Options from the “Domain Settings” page for domains that are using the Microsoft 365 sync. To use the default Email Scout Reports when using the Microsoft 365 sync, simply choose the reports option on the “Options” step.

On the mailboxes configuration page, we have clarified the wording of the option that determines how mailbox validity is checked – it’s now “Only accept email to your defined mailboxes”. This option is also now excluded from the page when the Microsoft 365 Sync is used for the domain, since the sync handles mailbox addition and removal.

Choosing between an explicit mailbox list and querying the destination list now has a clearer option name


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues:

  • #3711, #3628. Fix an error that could occur when an API call needed to query a very large number of servers.
  • #3629. Fix a race condition that could occur when executing a log search.
  • MMA-6625. Fix an issue loading TLS requirement options in rare situations.
  • MMA-6724. Fix exporting to CSV mailbox lists where the “use recommended” option is selected.
  • MMA-6709. Removed “customise actions” from the left-hand navigation menu in the app for outgoing mail.
  • #3655. Fix an error with renewing TLS certificates when information was missing from the certificate.
  • MMA-6701. Decrease the chances of a very long-running logging rebuild failing.
  • MMA-6906, #3705. Fix an issue with report actions where editing the available actions could cause all actions to become unavailable.
  • MMA-6576, #3767. Require a description field when creating API keys.

We’ve also made the following improvements:

  • #3617. The “new technician” email no longer refers to the creating admin by the username, as the username is automatically generated now.
  • MMA-6607. Added .xxe support in the “hidden executable” check.
  • MMA-6422. Decreased the time required for the weekly maintenance window.
  • #2082. Improve the speed of the Domains Overview page, particularly when there are a very large number of admins.
  • #2163. Remove an out-of-date entry from the CSP security header.
  • #3731. Work around an issue introduced in macOS where suspicious empty attachments are sometimes added to messages.
  • MMA-6429. Widen the email template editor dialogs to make better use of screen sizes.
  • MMA-5486. Include the actions menu both below and above search results.
  • MMA-6667. When adding domains in the Microsoft 365 sync, use the newer Desktop Table template for Email Scout Reports.
  • #3770. Scan .pub files for macros.
  • MMA-2668. The branding page now correctly detects when Lets Encrypt is in use. Note that if you provide a Lets Encrypt certificate yourself, then Mail Assure will attempt (and fail) to renew it. Please either let Mail Assure generate the certificate, or use a different certificate provider.
  • #2160. Replace the old “telnet tool” link from the Domains Overview page with a link to the SMTP tool in the Network Tools page.
  • MMA-6773, #3807. Always redirect HTTP requests to the app to HTTPS.
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