N-able Mail Assure: January Features and Updates Release #2

In this release, we’ve simplified adding new technicians. Firstly – no more “admin aliases”, we’re moving to a name that everyone understands: “technicians”. Note that this includes any type of user at a partner organisation, whether they are a technician or not – this isn’t introducing a new role-based permission system, although that is something that we are actively considering. In addition to the new wording, we have a new Technicians Management page that’s far simpler to use when adding, editing, and removing technicians.

New Technician Management

We’ve renamed “admin aliases” as “technicians” – this applies both in the normal Mail Assure app and also in the classic app. Everything about them still works the same – but we believe that this name is clearer and less likely to confuse new users. Note that you should use a “technician” for all of your internal users, whether they are actually a technician, or they’re in finance, or own the partner business.

We’ve also made it much simpler to manage all of your technicians, with a new Technician Management page. Adding a new technician is much simpler – all you need is their email address and an optional note.

“Technicians Management” page, showing a small list of technicians

Note that any technicians added in the new page will show up in the Technicians (previously “Admin Aliases”) page in the classic app, and vice-versa.


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues:

  • MMA-6674. Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong results to be included in an Email Scout Report, using the “since last scheduled” timeframe, when the timezone of the report was significantly different from central Europe.
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