N-able Mail Assure: January Features and Updates Release

Welcome to 2022! We’re kicking the year off with several improvements around managing your technicians and customers in Mail Assure – we’ve got more coming in this area in the near future, as well as some other great improvements lined up for later in the year.

Select an admin (customer) when adding a domain

The “Add domain” wizard now supports assigning the domain to an admin in the wizard

It’s now far simpler to ensure that domains are appropriately linked to an admin (customer). It’s important that you organise domains by customer, so that you can apply settings specifically to individual customers (and this will get increasingly important as we release upcoming features). In the “Add domain” wizard, when entering the domain name, you now also select the admin (customer) that the domain relates to (or select your top-level admin if it doesn’t relate to a customer and is your own domain). Right now, you’ll need to ensure that the admins (customers) have already been created, but keep an eye out for that to get simpler in the near future as well.

Choose or create an admin (customer) when configuring 365 sync

Link the Microsoft 365 tenant to a Mail Assure admin in the sync wizard

The most inconvenient part of configuring the Microsoft 365 sync is having to create an admin (customer) and “log in as” that admin to set up the sync. Great news – that’s no longer required! The first page of the 365 sync wizard now has a prompt where you can select the admin (customer), so you can configure the 365 for all of your customers without needing to do any “log in as” action. If you haven’t yet created an admin for the customer, you can even do that directly from the wizard – just type in the name of the admin (e.g. “Nelson & Murdock Attorneys at Law”) and the wizard will create the admin for you.

Removal of the “Development” menu items

The “Development” section of the left-hand navigation menu, has been removed. The two items that were in that menu, documentation for the deprecated “control panel” API and search history for the deprecated “software” API, can be accessed using the direct URL (e.g. with a bookmark) or via the classic app. We’re working on a new home for all the information you need if you’re building an integration with Mail Assure – in the meantime, please do reach out to us if you need help with that.


Since the last major release, we’ve also fixed the following issues:

  • MMA-6576 / #1975. Fixed “right away” and “at specific time” Email Scout Reports not finding all results in some situations.
  • MMA-6396 / #1962. Fixed a case where some cookies could be set twice for a single page load.
  • MMA-6282 / #1982. Fixed an issue where the Email Scout Preview would wrongly require a template choice.
  • #2049. Fixed an issue where the statistics charts could miss block listed or allow listed messages from the counts, after the language update in the previous update.
  • #2053. Fixed an issue where changes on the “manage permissions” page could break accessing pages in the new app.
  • MMA-6496 / #179. Fixed an issue with Lets Encrypt certificate renewal.

We’ve also made the following improvements:

  • Clarify the “report actions” page text so that it’s clearer that the selection applies to Email Scout Reports as well as Protection Reports.
  • MMA-5912 / #1753. Removed several old pages and actions relating to retrieving quarantined messages, redirecting to newer pages where relevant.
  • #1342. Adjust the “select all results on all pages” wording so that it’s clearer that all items will be selected.
  • MMA-6377 / #2023. Updated the component used for auto-fill list choices.
  • MMA-6561 / #2014. Removed the old “archive recipients” page.
  • #2048. Removed the brand name from the page (HTTP) title.
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