Release Take Control Windows Console 7.00.30 – Video Uploader

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control Windows console with the new functionality Video uploader.

The new video uploader, available in the Windows Console (Configurations > Configure Video Upload), allows recorded videos from TC sessions to be uploaded to Azure and Amazon S3 and N-able cloud.

Windows Console (Configurations > Configure Video Upload)

First, it is necessary to select the storage location for your videos. The location tab will show different configurations for each storage location chosen: N-able cloud, Amazon S3, Azure.

Storage location: Amazon S3

After selecting the storage location, it is possible to schedule the time and day in the week where the uploads aren’t allowed to run:

Schedule time

Further, it’s possible to delimit the maximum bandwidth used for the upload, to avoid using all your bandwidth at the time:Bandwidth throttling

Bandwidth throttling

It is important to notice that, regardless of the scheduling or bandwidth settings, the Console will never upload videos if remote control sessions are in progress – it will pause uploads when a new session starts and resume after all sessions have concluded.

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