Release Take Control Windows Agent 7.00.30

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control standalone Windows Agent 7.00.30, which includes pre-session chat, push announcements to devices with the Take Control agent installed and enhanced in-session notifications.

New features

  • Pre-session chats, it is now possible to initiate a text chat dialogue with active users who have a Take Control agent installed on their device without having an active remote control session. The chat can be initiated from the Devices page in the Admin Area and supports special characters, as well as a set of emoticons.

  • Push announcement to devices with the Take Contol agent installed. This will display custom messages on the screen of selected remote devices e.g., inform the end users of maintenance periods or push urgent notifications to multiple devices with a click of a button. Explicit confirmation can be required.
Announcement pushed from Take Control admin to device with agent

Fixes and Improvements

  • Enhanced in-session notification makes now possible to add a red border around the screen during a remote session with logged-in users, as well as to configure the option to close the notification pop-up while a session is active.
  • Agents being pushed by trial accounts cannot run without a local authorization. We have added this functionality to ensure that Take Control cannot be misused by malicious parties to trick and defraud unsuspecting users.
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