N-able Backup Release 21.7

We’ve just rolled out N-able™ Backup Release 21.7, with enhancements in four key areas.

Microsoft 365: Improved performance
Ongoing performance improvements to backup and recovery for Microsoft 365™ continue. With this release, restores are up to 50% faster than previously. In addition, we have updated wording in the UI to clarify which end users are billable.

Recovery Testing: New progress bar
Now it’s easier to track the progress of test recoveries, with clearly visible progress bars in the Recovery dashboard.

Remote command enhancements
We’ve made improvements to the remote command dialogue, with more user-friendly, intuitive names, and have added information boxes to assist in the use of these commands. In addition, we have disabled the “send” button after it has been clicked, in order to prevent the same command being accidentally sent twice.

Add/Modify user improvements
With this release, we have added a new tooltip to assist in the add/modify user process, including a link to documentation that describes the various user roles in N-able Backup. We have also changed the workflow so that access to the N-able Backup API must be explicitly turned on or off when creating or modifying a user.

Reminder: New operational email addresses
With the rebranding from SolarWinds MSP to N-able, we have changed our email domain, and this impacts operational emails generated by N-able Backup. If you have not already done so, please adjust your policies and rules to accept emails from backup@n-able.com. This email address is used for new user creation and in-product email notifications, so it is important that you receive these operational emails without incident. The email address backup@solarwinds.com will no longer be used.

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