N-able RMM: Advisory Regarding a Compatibility Issue with Chrome and Chrome-based Browsers v91 – RESOLVED

Update 10 June: Please note that this issue has been resolved.

We are working to resolve a compatibility issue between Chrome and Chrome-based browsers’ latest version, v91, and RMM. The v91 update was recently made available for Chrome and the Chrome-based Edge and Safari browsers.

Due to a change in how the browsers handles cookies, RMM is not able to display the Asset Tracking or NetPath sections in the left-side navigation bar after logging into RMM. We are currently working on an update that we will release as soon as it’s available in order to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, if you have upgraded your browser to v91 and are running into this issue, we suggest you use Firefox as an alternative browser, which does not have this problem.

We will keep you updated on our progress to resolve the issue as we have more details to share.

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