N-able RMM: Automation Manager Upgrade with Enhanced Meraki Monitoring

Update March 8, 2021

As per previous communications, the digital certificate for our SolarWinds MSP products has been revoked, as of 7:00PM EST on March 8, 2021.

We’re pleased to let you know that we have released the latest version of Automation Manager in RMM, with nearly a dozen new Meraki monitoring and management objects. It means you’re able to expand out of the box monitoring and scripting for Meraki network devices directly from RMM.

To upgrade your version of Automation Manager (or use it for the first time!), simply go to the Settings dropdown menu, select Script Manager, then click on the Automation Manager download button. This installs the script building tool locally on your device, in which you can create custom PowerShell scripts with hundreds of ready-made objects. From here, it’s an easy step to upload the custom script as an Automated Task or Script Check to RMM and deploy to your devices. Click here for more info on how to install and use Automation Manager.

Of course, we also have hundreds of pre-built scripts already created for you in the Automation Cookbook, which you can access in the Customer Success Center. To make it a little easier to find, we’ve added an info button to highlight this resource when you’re on the Script Manager dialog.

Summary for Service Release
– Automation Manager v2.18.0.25
– RMM Console v2021.03.03
– No RMM agent change

RMM Console v2021.03.03
UPDATE: New Automation Manager v2.18.0.25 with Meraki objects
UPDATE: Patch Management process improvement for handling reboot flags *
UPDATE: Clearer indication of which Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender) features are compatible with Mac workstations
BUGFIX: Issue affecting loading of the Mobile Devices tab
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with commands getting stuck in the queue for iOS devices
BUGFIX: Resolve issue preventing a Mac workstation from deleting

* Note: This improvement has triggered some previously detected reboot requirements, which caused automatic reboots depending on the Patch Management policy reboot configuration. This was a one-time event.

Automation Manager v2.18.0.25
UPDATE: Meraki – Get SNMP Configuration
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Devices
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Organizations
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Networks
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Connected Clients
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Security Events
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Performance Score
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Admin Accounts
UPDATE: Meraki – Get Site to Site VPNs

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