SolarWinds RMM: Command Prompt and PowerShell Interface Improvements, Patch Management Engine Update

Remote Background Manager Improvements for Command Prompt & PowerShell

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re in the process of rolling out an update to the SolarWinds Take Control Agents and Viewers, to bring these up to version 7.00.19.

The latest version contains significant enhancements to the Command line and PowerShell interfaces, so that they work much more like native CMD and PS on the endpoints.

In both the CMD or PS environments, the new interface brings a raft of features which you’d expect to find in a native prompt environment —  tools and capabilities such as command history, tab-to-autocomplete, copy/paste, control-commands (CTRL/C to stop a ping, etc.), command shell colors, and much more. In most cases, using this updated tool is as good being on the native command line of the machine you are connected to.  

Launching the new prompt environment is simple. When you’re remotely connected,  navigate to your System Shell, select the ellipses, and select your interactive command environment…

Patch Management Engine v1.2.11 Release

Today we have released an update to our Patch Management Engine. We know you’ve been eager to upgrade your clients to Windows 10 20202H2. This update includes the metadata needed in our engine for you to deploy the Windows 10 2020H2 Feature Upgrade. Get Set, Ready, Deploy!

On the issues front, most notably we’ve seen many large cumulative updates not properly report that they were installed successfully, or would not trigger the required reboot.  This was due to recent updates taking much longer than usual to install as they hit our timeout logic. Our timeout logic has been updated in this release to resolve this issue.

This update also includes an improvement in OS license for Windows 10 retail/volume to ensure we’re offering the appropriate feature upgrades.

Update to SolarWinds Backup product name in the Backup Check

Please note we’re updating the name for SolarWinds Backup monitoring in the Backup check from ‘MAX Backup’ to ‘SolarWinds Backup’ so it no longer shows old branding. As part of this update we’ll be renaming any existing checks as well in the coming days.

Technical Bulletin: macOS Big Sur and SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Please be advised that if your devices are currently using SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response in the standalone offering, upgrading your Mac to the upcoming macOS Big Sur is not supported at this time. We are currently working to release an updated agent to bring in Big Sur support for the standalone offering.

Summary for Service Release
– RBM update, Patch Management Engine release
– RMM Console v2020.11.03
– No agent change

RMM Console v2020.11.03
UPDATE: PowerShell and CMD interface improvements for Remote Background Manager
UPDATE: Rename of Max Backup to SolarWinds Backup in Backup Check
UPDATE: Additional Endpoint Detection & Response user activity is captured in the User Audit Report
BUGFIX: Wallchart labels fail to show when mousing over the icons
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting loading of Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Report
BUGFIX: Update to not truncate Automation Manager script check output
BUGFIX: Patch Management’s ‘Link to Vendor Site’ update to go to vendor site correctly
BUGFIX: Take Control – Resolve issue with Client list loading in PassPortal Widget
BUGFIX: Take Control – Resolve issue with Password completion in some RDS environments

Patch Management Engine v1.2.11
UPDATE: Support for Windows 10 20202H2
BUGFIX: Update timeout logic to better handle large cumulative updates
BUGFIX: Update OS license detection for Windows 10 retail/volume to ensure Patch Management is offering the appropriate feature upgrades

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