SolarWinds Take Control: October Enhancements

We are delighted to introduce our latest set of releases for SolarWinds Take Control. In this line-up, we have updates for both Integrated Take Control (in RMM and N-central) and standalone Take Control and Take Control Plus.

All the details…

For our integrated partners:
We have a new Mac Viewer of version 6.00.18. This is an important update which is wholly inspired by Customer Service Priorities. We have fixes lined up for keyboard shortcuts and Viewer stability.

For our Standalone partners:
We’re making minor changes to how we start Attended sessions. In this update, we’re changing the length of the PIN codes from 6 digits to 9 digits.

This change is driven by a back-end systems upgrade. No other services will be impacted by this.

Lastly, we have a new iOS applet available – again, wholly motivated by Customer Service Priorites. For Partners who enjoy the use of Attended Sessions on the iOS platform, we have upgraded the iOS applet to accommodate the latest versions of iOS 14, and later:

Summary of Release
– Admin Area update to 9 digit pin codes
– Take Control Mac Agent v6.00.18
– Take Control iOS Applet

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