SolarWinds Mail Assure: June 16 Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week:

We’re pleased to announce the release of the SolarWinds® Mail Assure Microsoft 365 Sync and phase two release of our new beta interface.

Microsoft 365 Sync (Beta)

Easily import and synchronize Microsoft 365 domains and mailboxes (MMA-2857):

  • The Microsoft 365 Sync is a new feature in Mail Assure that simplifies onboarding Microsoft 365 customers. The feature is available from the new beta interface, and will appear in the Domains Overview section in the left-side navigation bar of the dashboard:

Screenshot 1

Microsoft 365 Sync enables you to:

  • Add multiple Microsoft 365 users with an onboarding wizard by safely connecting with your Microsoft 365 credentials
  • Improve efficiency with automatic synchronization of new Microsoft 365 mailboxes, distribution lists, and shared mailboxes
  • Keep usage under control with scheduled automatic synchronization of added and deleted mailboxes
  • Easily set time zone, data and time formatting, and reporting options for new mailboxes

Screenshot 2Screenshot 3


  • You’ll need SolarWinds Single Sign-on (SSO) to access the Microsoft 365 Sync functionality
  • Please configure your browser to allow pop-ups before clicking on “connect” in the wizard
  • You’ll need to authenticate to Microsoft 365 twice—once to allow the wizard to collect information and once to allow the scheduled sync
  • You have the option to toggle the Microsoft 365 Sync off

Screenshot 4

New Beta Interface: Phase Two

The new beta interface phase two, accessible via SSO, is designed to improve efficiency and give you increased visibility over your email flow.

Screenshot 5

If you access via SolarWinds SSO, you’ll see a link at the top right allowing access to the new beta interface. If you haven’t configured SolarWinds SSO yet, you can do so by clicking this link and following the steps: setup SolarWinds Single Sign-On.

The new view will initially release in ‘beta.’ Please submit any feedback at SolarWinds MSP Ideas Forum in the Customer Success Center. We’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas to help us prioritize future enhancements in this area.

Screenshot 6

Phase two release of the new beta interface includes:

  • Email statistics with an option to filter the data to show per admin or per domain email data, including:
    • The number of protected mailboxes from the total mailboxes added
    • The number of archived mailboxes from the total mailboxes added
    • Incoming filtering overview and classification (good vs. bad emails)
    • Outgoing filtering overview and classification (good vs. bad emails)
  • A “getting started” widget to easily navigate to the following functions:
    • Add admin, add domain, view logs, and create quarantine reports
  • A “mailboxes overview” widget for increased visibility over all mailboxes, including the ability to search for specific mailboxes based on services enabled or mailbox type (i.e. mailbox, shared mailbox, or distribution list)
  • An “emails overview” widget to provide visibility into quarantined and queued emails in one view
  • A PDF export functionality to enable users to export statistical data to PDF (including the option to email the PDF file to recipients)

Screenshot 7



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