SolarWinds RMM: New Linux Agent v2.0 (RC) With Support For Latest Linux Distributions, Automated Tasks and More

We’re excited to announce that we are introducing a new release candidate of the RMM Agent for Linux, Linux Agent v2.0.  This is a full upgrade of the Linux Agent that leverages the codebase of our latest Mac Agent, and comes with several feature enhancements and support for the latest versions of Linux.

The first major highlight is that RMM’s Linux v2.0 Agent now fully supports all the current major Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu LTS versions 16.04 and later
  • Ubuntu non-LTS versions 19.04 and later
  • Debian 8 and later
  • Fedora 30 and later
  • CentOS 7 and later
  • openSUSE Leap 15.1 and later
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP4 and 15-SP1

We’ve also significantly improved the deployment process for the Linux agent so it’s much easier to install and bring new Linux devices under management. Now you can use package installers right from the Dashboard, the same as for Windows and Mac.

linux agent

Registration is easy, you can do this directly on the command line after installing. Or you can use the ‘Remote Worker’ Site Installation Package feature to install and securely register the Linux agent in one step.

linux site installation

In addition, because the new Linux agent is based on the Mac Agent, we’re able to introduce Automated Tasks for Linux for the first time, leveraging RMM’s real-time infrastructure. Now you’re able to upload your own custom scripts for Linux and deploy them as Automated Tasks for any devices running the v2.0 Linux Agent. It means you can automate responses to check failures, and push scheduled scripts on to your Linux servers right from the RMM console.

linux tasks

  • Please be advised: During the RC period, existing Linux devices on the current Linux agent require a fresh agent install, and you must first uninstall the current (old) agent. It means the device will register as a new endpoint in RMM, and as such will lose device history and may incur a device charge. You may therefore wish to test the new Linux v2.0 agent on a new device that does not have the existing agent. We are working to introduce an upgrade path for the GA version of the new Linux agent. 

    Note that the need to uninstall and reinstall is clearly highlighted when you install the new Linux agent on a device that has the old agent:

linux agent update

In addition, we’re pleased to be releasing a new Windows RC Agent, v10.9.13. This contains an update to the ‘ScriptRunner’ agent used by Automation Manager in preparation for an upcoming update to the drag-&-drop script builder tool.

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with new Linux RC Agent and Windows RC Agent
– RMM Console v2020.05.21
– Linux Agent v2.0 RC, Windows Agent v10.9.13 RC

RMM Console v2020.05.21
FEATURE: Automated Tasks for Linux (requires Linux Agent v2.0)
BUGFIX: Resolved asset mapping issue with Passportal integration
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with OSX Update Check so it refers to available system updates instead of “WSUS not found”
BUGFIX: Resolve a north pane column sorting issue when viewing a custom filter
BUGFIX: Resolve dashboard refresh issue when clicking a retry link for Managed Antivirus on the Summary tab
BUGFIX: Ensure Automated Tasks are downloaded onto endpoint when added via monitoring template at installation time

Linux Agent v2.0
FEATURE: Support for latest major Linux distributions
FEATURE: Automated Tasks for Linux
FEATURE: ‘Remote Worker’ site installation support
FEATURE: Ability to use the ‘get_site_installation_package’ API call with the Linux agent
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with agent installation if user registering device has 2FA enabled
BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing the agent to show as overdue for long periods
BUGFIX: Resolved issue with Linux agent checking into the RMM console
BUGFIX: Improvement to Failed Login Check on Linux to address error parsing log files
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting the MySQL Check reporting “MySQL not installed”
BUGFIX: Resolved a compatibility issue with telephone software 3cxpbx
KNOWN ISSUE: The Physical Memory Health Check may not work properly

Windows RC Agent v10.9.13
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.16 used by Automation Manager

Patch Management Engine v1.2.4
UPDATE: General engine hardening and version update

Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender)
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus Support for Windows 10 Pro has been added for Disk Encryption Manager
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus increased Exclusions limit to 2,000
BUGFIX: Managed Antivirus An issue preventing install returning 500 Internal Server Error has now been resolved
BUGFIX: Managed Antivirus Corrected Portuguese translation for Deep Scan
BUGFIX: Managed Antivirus Instructions for invalid characters in exclusions no longer displays @ symbol

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