SolarWinds RMM: Disk Encryption Manager RC Reminder, New Windows & Mac RC Agents

We’re pleased to let you know that in this week’s RMM release, we’re making two new RC Agents available, one for Windows and one for Mac. The two new agents are expected to be available in all the territories by Tuesday.

The Windows RC Agent provides a new Patch Management Engine version, to address an erroneous ‘Windows update required’ message. The new Mac agent contains improvements for the Mac Device Management enrollment process.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the recently announced Disk Encryption Manager service – this is now in RC and we’re very excited about all the interest from our partners in trialing the new capability.

Here are this week’s release notes…

Summary for Service Release
– Service release with performance updates and bug fixes
– RMM Console v2020.03.16
– No agent changes

RMM Console v2020.03.16
UPDATE: Ensure the Disk Encryption Manager status column appears next to Managed Antivirus in the console’s north pane
BUGFIX: Ensure a note with blank description can be deleted

Windows RC Agent v10.9.11
UPDATE: Install Patch Management Engine 1.1.13 at time of agent install

Mac RC Agent v3.4.2
UPDATE: Add ‘Don’t remind me’ option to Mac Device Management Enrollment dialog together with cosmetic improvements
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Mac Device Management shows that a competing profile is installed

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