SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with PSA Update, Patch Management Engine and Backup Manager Agent Upgrades

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM service release is now available to customers in all territories. The latest update includes a Patch Management Engine upgrade (v1.1.8) and a Backup Manager update (v19.12). These two services automatically update on the endpoints, so your devices are already set to take advantage of the latest performance enhancements. We’ve also released an enhancement to PSA integrations to support concatenated device and site names.

Patch Management Engine v1.1.8

The patch engine will now ensure that your device is running the latest Servicing Stack Update (SSU) during patch detection. This helps to avoid the situation whereby an out-of-date Servicing Stack can impact patch installation.  To learn more about SSU’s, please see Microsoft’s documentation

The v1.1.8 engine also has enhancements to the patch download, install and timeout logic, to better handle large updates while also making the whole update process more efficient. In addition we’ve done some general hardening of the patch engine to help performance.

Backup Manager v19.12

We’re pleased to confirm that the Backup & Recovery agent has updated to v19.12, the latest available Backup Manager version. The update includes improvements to performance and addresses a range of bug fixes, please see the release notes below for details.

PSA Integration Update

In the PSA integration, we’re continuing to roll out changes in response to partner feedback. In this release, we’ve added the ability to concatenate the Site and Device name on mapping. This configuration will work particularly well for partners who leverage the site-less feature.

psa concatenation

Summary for Service Release
– Patch Management Engine v1.1.8, Backup Manager v19.12, PSA update
– RMM Console v2020.01.16
– No agent update

RMM Console v2020.01.16
UPDATE: Added a Configuration dialog to allow for Concatenation of Site and Device name in PSA mapping
UPDATE: Allow use of exclamation mark characters in System Tray URLs
BUGFIX: Resolve engine selection issue in Take Control Settings dialog

Patch Management Engine v1.1.8
UPDATE: Automatically detect and install the latest Service Stack Update on a scan
UPDATE: Smarter logic for handling patch download timeouts for large patches
UPDATE: Performance updates and hardening of the patch engine

Backup Manager v19.12
BUGFIX: [macOS] Backup Manager is not listed in the output of ‘system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType’ command
BUGFIX: Unable to backup MySQL v5.6.40 using xtrabackup v55
BUGFIX: MySQL 8.0.17 backup failed on Linux with percona 8.0.4
BUGFIX: Incorrect exclude list for Hyper-V data source
BUGFIX: Incorrect selection tree in case if Offline attribute present
BUGFIX: Files and Folders backup periodically completed with error code: 19:2067
BUGFIX: Support UTF-8 character encoding in input fields for RC
BUGFIX: Restore progress is showing not correctly in case if “Skip files that are not changed” is enabled
BUGFIX: Small header logo on MOB BM results in cut off tooltip
BUGFIX: Files and folder backup completed with errors and tracked error is “incorrect function” for certain OneDrive folder
BUGFIX: During restore BM check for duplicate cabinet at the same SN more than once
BUGFIX: BMR cannot boot in LEGACY mode
BUGFIX: BMR cannot be installed on drive if the structure of the drive is not-MBR
Blank page on baremetal restore
BUGFIX: BM GUI is not displayed if response time for request “..content/data/status/data” is > 8 seconds
BUGFIX: GUI doesn’t show files with long file name in restore tree
BUGFIX: BM failed when no files in Documents profile

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