SolarWinds EDR: Upgrade and Outage

Great news! The much-anticipated upgrade to the SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product to the SentinelOne “Houston” release will occur this Sunday, 10-November-2019. An extended dashboard outage is planned.

The primary focus of this upgrade will provide a new MSP-oriented account, site, and group structure to the SentinelOne cloud service. This new “scope” defines the boundary of influence set for users, licenses, policies, blacklists, exclusions, packages, settings, reports, Device Control, Firewall Control, and Application Management.

Watch the SentinelOne video describing the new “scope” feature here ->

Additional information about global and site asset management with the new “scope” features can be found here ->

The upgrade process will start at 5:00 AM (EST) / 11:00 AM (CET) / 7:00 PM (JST) 10-November-2019. The upgrade and expected cloud service downtime is expected to be eleven (11) hours.

Existing EDR accounts, in all regions, will undergo a migration to a new structure during this period.

A few important things to note during the outage:

  • All endpoints will continue to be protected.
  • All EDR/S1 Cloud Service Dashboard login and API access will not be available.
  • No user intervention will be required.

We are excited to roll-out this new feature and expect that this new MSP-oriented structure will improve your ability to manage, support and protect your customers.

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