SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with Patch Management update

We’re very pleased to advise that this weeks service release for RMM has been rolled out to all clients, all territories.

This release is primarily focussed on Customer Service priories, but also includes an important update to the Patch Management Engine.

See below for all the details

Summary for Service Release:
– Service Release
– Dashboard v2019.07.25

UPDATE: Patch Management will now take administrative control of Windows Update, ensuring that Windows Updates will not attempt to install updates on its own. (Requires Agent 10.8, or later)
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue where the reboot flag was not being raised appropriately for patches which require a reboot (Requires Agent 10.8, or later)
UPDATE: Increase script execution timeout from 150 to 3600 seconds for script-checks
UPDATE: New default timeout for script check incremented to 120 seconds
UPDATE: Allow the use of the “enter” key to trigger the OK option when deleting tasks
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where API would not allow client creation with MSP Manager integration enabled

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